Short Stories

The stories I’ve posted so far are pretty close to final drafts, but could still stand some polishing. I’ve been consciously trying for variety.

Insignificant:  This was one of my early short stories, and my first stab at writing science fiction–it also scratched my geek itch.

The Man in the Backyard: One day I thought I saw someone in my backyard. I was wrong, but six hours later I’d finished writing my first short story. The heroine’s husband left her weeks earlier. She lives on a small farm in a remote area of Arizona, with no immediate means of communication. Finally admitting her husband is not returning, she’s working on her plan for moving forward when she discovers a strange man sleeping in the hammock in her backyard. My original story ended before the section break. Everything after the section break was tacked on months later in response to pressure exerted by readers (friend and family). I’m tempted to delete the alternate ending, but can’t make up my mind. I’d love to get your thoughts on this.

Willkommen: Shortly after I started writing, I joined a writers’ group (best decision ever). Each month one member would provide a “prompt” word, and the other members would write a story based on that word. At the following meeting, we would read and discuss each story, after which the member who proposed the prompt would announce his/her favorite. The prompt for Willkommen was “doormat.” I took the prompt literally. Later I learned it was meant metaphorically. My story was selected as runner-up based on originality.

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