Poem 1

No human form could ever be as perfect as my imagery.
Searching, I shall never find such perfection as exists within my mind.

I could feel his presence close beside,
Chiding me gently. I apologized.
The Image understood.
Glad I’d parked the car such a distance,
This walk would do us good.

“He had some substance in your design.”
Pleading words; again, I apologized.
The Image understood.
The hurt began to soften;
Of course, I knew it would.

“Well, we’ll continue, I won’t give up.”
Diversionary search I realized.
The Image didn’t remark.
Our thoughts drew close around us;
Sounds of stillness in the dark.

“Something, an inflection in his voice,
Slightly, but there. Déjà vu?”
The Image understood.
A breeze caught lightly at my hair;
“Touch me.” If only he could.

“We were closer this time, you agree?
“What was missing?” A question.
The Image shrugged; again,
I could sense the sadness in his smile.
“I almost felt you then.”

As we neared the car he retreated to my mind.
Someday we would, the Image knew and understood.

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