Post-To-Print Publishers: A Most Excellent Thing

After a brief false start (tired to do too much too soon) in 2016, Post-To-Print Publishers is off and running with its first official short story Submission Call for what will be an annual anthology. If you know a short story fiction writer, please send them our way at

As an author myself, I’ve made a vow that all contributing authors will be paid something—if only a token payment for the first selections ($25 per story). And that PTP will never charge submission or reading fees. Our ultimate goal is to pay $.02 per word for subsequent stories. Lofty, but doable, especially if the first anthology concept is brilliant. And it is. All stories will be written from a cat’s P.O.V.—to quote me:

“Being an Internet junkie, it didn’t take long to decide on the theme of Post-To-Print’s first anthology. Cats!

“I met a friend for lunch once (a few years back now), who was gifting her mother with a tablet. She asked about the best way for her mother to become familiar with the Internet. An eavesdropper in the booth behind me mumbled, ‘Get a cat.’ Truer words have not been spoken. From the moment the World Wide Web went mainstream, there has been a special relationship between the Internet and cats.”

I’m hoping for an avalanche of submissions to make our anthology Most Excellent as Ted Logan might say.

Please help us spread the word (and you might want to ignore my Twitter feed on the right because it will reek of submission call ads for the next several weeks).

As always, I appreciate the follow.


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