I received two newsletters recently, each with an interesting idea that I thought was cool:

If you aren’t already subscribed, read and subscribe at

Excerpt from Goodreads Believes in Book Fairies – and You Can, Too  “. . . . Goodreads was founded ten years ago with the mission of helping people find and share books they love. Through Goodreads, readers have added 1.9 billion books to their shelves, written 67 million reviews, and connected with more than 200,000 authors over a shared love of reading.

“On Monday, September 18, you can help even more readers find amazing books by participating in our Hide a Book Day. As part of our Ten-Year Anniversary Celebration, Goodreads is teaming up with our fellow book lovers at The Book Fairies to hide books around their neighborhoods for people to find, read, and leave for the next person.”

You need to act on this quickly because the associated stickers (read the full post) must be ordered from England. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? “Hide a Book Day” may have been around for a while, but I’ve never heard of it before.

Highly recommend all authors subscribe to this excellent newsletter, but particularly #scifi #fantasy #paranormal #horror:

This is so simple it’s silly. At the end of their newsletter, they added a series of recent interesting-retweet-worthy images which link to the original tweets so the reader can like, comment, or retweet.
I’m going to experiment adding a twitter image to the bottom of my newsletters and blog posts, as well, to see if I get extra leverage from those tweets. Like I said: Simple, silly!

Your welcome! Thanks for following.


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