NAG – NAG – NAG! Stop the nagging and fix it . . .

This ever happen to you? You’re reading a paragraph you just wrote, and one sentence nags at you. You read it again. Nope–perfect! Made total sense the second time, and grammar and punctuation are correct. You forge ahead . . . .

A month later you’re editing that chapter and you stop at the same sentence. Again, after rereading, it’s perfect. NO IT’S NOT! If you, the writer, the one person who knows your story inside and out, stop at the same point twice — or once — imagine what your readers are going to do. Bite the bullet the first time a sentence or a word nags at you and cut it or rephrase it until you’re confident it’s no longer a stumbling block for you or your reader.

You’re welcome! It took me a lot of wasted time to figure this out for myself (slow learner here).

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One Response to NAG – NAG – NAG! Stop the nagging and fix it . . .

  1. I have a tendency to red letter those sentences, finish my draft and go back to them when I’m feeling more literate! Nice commentary though.

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