QUANTUM SPACE by Douglas Phillips: The Oreo Cookie of Hard Science Fiction

That crunchie, chocolate cookie goodness is the fact-filled quantum physics that Phillips knows so well (think Arthur C. Clarke). And the rich creamy, makes-your-teeth ache center is the gripping, quarky, fast-paced plot (definitely Dan Brownish). You get the picture . . . but wait, I’m gonna take this one step further. That glass of cold milk? That glass of milk is the cast of three-dimensional characters (there’s a joke in there which you’ll get if you buy the book) who are both smart and hot, and who speak like humans. There! Now I’m done. You’re welcome.

All cookies aside guys, QUANTUM SPACE (4.5*) is one great read. Check my feed and you’ll see I don’t recommend lightly. In fact, this is the first book I’ve recommended (except my own, of course) all year. If you love hard science, you will eat this book up (there I go again), and if you’re a little queasy, don’t worry, the science is described in layman-friendly terms. You don’t have to be a physicist to understand it.

Just a taste of QUANTUM SPACE to get your juices flowing (once I get started, I cannot be stopped) from the description on Amazon:

High above the windswept plains of Kazakhstan, a Russian Soyuz capsule drops toward Earth. Onboard are three astronauts returning from the International Space Station. A strange shimmer in the atmosphere, a blinding flash of light, and the capsule vanishes in a blink as though it never existed.

On the ground, stress levels spike as evidence points to a catastrophic reentry failure. But more than an hour later, a communications facility in Australia picks up a voice transmission that sounds like one of the astronauts. The voice of a dead man?

See, what I said, right!  Read the free preview.  Buy QUANTUM SPACE.

Now for the bonus (which one might call “double stuff,” but I will refrain). Mr. Phillips also wrote a separate, short and intriguing prologue to QUANTUM SPACE, titled QUANTUM INCIDENT, just to whet your appetite. Read the free preview to QUANTUM INCIDENT.  Buy the book.

Whether you start with QUANTUM INCIDENT (99¢) or QUANTUM SPACE ($2.99) I guarantee you’re going to want to read both. And I guarantee goodness along with tight, well-edited prose. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to make a quick trip to the corner market.

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