TRANSMUTED Sales Update!

I couldn’t be happier with the sales of TRANSMUTED so far (well, obviously I could be happier: Stephen King, John Scalzi, Andy Weir), but I’m pretty happy. I ♥ Kindle Press.

I now have two full months of ebook stats, February and March (the Feb. figures include one day in Jan. since TRANSMUTED launched Jan. 31):

February – Sold 571 books @ $3.49, and earned the lion’s share of my royalty advance. My average Best Seller Rank was 7209, with average sales per day of 24.

March – Sold 594 books @ $3.49 (3/1-3/19) and $0.99 (3/20-3/31) and earned the balance of my royalty advance in the first ten days. My average Best Seller Rank was 12444, with average sales per day of 20.

April Estimate – Kindle Press initially told me the $0.99 promotion would end 3/31, but they continued it through April. I couldn’t decide at first if this was good or bad. It turned out to be great. I’m averaging 38 units a day with an average Best Seller Rank of 5,058. For the three month period, I’ve sold well over 2,000 books and counting. This bodes well for book 2 (about 3/4 complete).

To estimate my daily sales, I’ve been using the free Amazon Sales Rank Calculator on (just know you’ll get tons of promo emails). For the month of February, the estimated total sales figure was over by 15%, so I adjusted for that % in my March estimated daily sales. But the Kindlepreneur estimate vs. actual sales for March was only over by 3%, so I had to readjust my adjustment. The only difference I could see between the two months was that my Best Seller Rank was substantially better in February than March. So maybe the calculator is more accurate the worse your sales rank. Yuk! By the end of the year, I’ll have enough data to calculate the variance based on average Best Seller Rank instead of daily rank. I hope that makes sense. If you have questions about my calculations or sales results, or my experience with Kindle Press, feel free to ask here, or contact me directly at

So, in summary, I’d be an idiot to complain and I’m loving being an author! Oh, and my reviews are building nicely (about 2/wk), all 4-5 stars (except for that one, single star review–sigh.).

Ad: If you haven’t purchased TRANSMUTED, what are you waiting for? $0.99 for two more days at least, then whatever Kindle Press does. I have no control over price.

Ad: I hope you’re enjoying the weekly excerpts from GRAMMAR FOR PEOPLE WHO HATE RULES by Kathleen A. Watson. You’re welcome. BUY the book and keep it at your right hand (unless you’re left-handed then . . . you know).

If there are more ads following this post, blame WordPress, not me.

Robin Praytor, Author, out . . . .

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3 Responses to TRANSMUTED Sales Update!

  1. Dave Chesson says:

    Tons of promo emails? It’s a free tool. You don’t have to subscribe to use it. Also, my emails are about the latest Kindlepreneur article which only happens twice a month.

    • I apologise. David is absolutely correct, I checked, and I’ve received very few promo emails from Kindlepreneur. I think because I’m on the site every day, it was just my perception. And, you do NOT even have to subscribe to use the calculator. (See, this is why the blog is titled, “Disclaimer: I Could be Wrong.” Left unchecked,I can be a danger to myself and everyone else.)

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