DAH da DOT da DAHHH . . .

Only time for the highlights. I’m working furiously to finish the second book in the Dark Landing series, so I ask your forgiveness for not posting in a while.

In no particular order (except I saved the best for last):

  • TRANSMUTED Sales – My sales have been steady, and I’m thrilled to report I earned my royalty advance in the first 45 days. TRANSMUTED made it to the top 100 in all three SF&F categories, and 2,642 out of well over a million Kindle books is nothing to sneeze at:
    I’m at about 1,600 in total sales, a third of which is attributable to Kindle Press pushing an Anniversary Sale of their entire catalog. I didn’t see any of the actual promotion pieces (the Amazon algorithm excludes me from books I’ve ‘read’), but the jump in sales was a huge tell.
  • TRANSMUTED Reviews – Thirty reviews to date, 2.5 a week, which is great, and the industry average in relation to sales. Better yet, they’re all five- and four-star except for a lone one-star. The one-star review wasn’t that bad; s/he just didn’t like the book. No problem. Okay, it stung a little. But I’m better now and I’ll take a 96% approval rate any day.
  • First Live Event – Art Fair at Cinnamon Roost Farm was Disappointing as far as print book sales go (2), although a good number of people took my marketing piece and I’m certain some will purchase the Kindle version. However, super successful in other areas. I met a fellow author, J.D. Scott, whose Anahera Daniels fantasy series begs a look-see. You will not be disappointed. J.D. has invited me to join her table at First Friday (for non-AZ followers, that’s a monthly art fair in downtown Phoenix), which is at the top of my Events-To-Try list.

PLUS (I hope this will bring a tickle to the tummy of my author followers), I connected with . . . DAH da DOT da DAHHH . . .

  • Kathleen A. Watson, author of GRAMMAR for people that who HATE RULES – Kathy has generously agreed to let me post selected chapters from her book. Yeah! you say, and I agree! To quote Brian Udermann, author, speaker, and educator: “Kathy’s book is easy to read and packed with practical tips that will make you a better writer and speaker. If you ever struggle with word use or punctuation [duh–who doesn’t], make this book your grammar bible!” I couldn’t say it better myself and that’s why I didn’t try. Stay tuned–same bat-time (or close); same bat-channel. This is a resource you’ll want to keep at your finger and stylus tips. [mike drop]
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