Post 6: Tracking Kindle Press Publishing Process

This will be my last post under this title since the publishing process is over. The last communication I had from KP was a nice email with images attached for three promotional pushes (for lack of a better word)  through Amazon. A friend had already sent me an image for a promo she received that included my book as an Amazon Sci-Fi recommendation. And I checked my UK sales page and found a review from a customer who purchased the book “based on the Amazon recommendation.” So that’s  further proof, though I will never see them myself since their algorithm will drop me from promos for a book I’ve already purchased.

From this point out my focus is on improving sales and my Amazon sales rank. I won’t have hard statistics until the end of March (maddening!). All I have to go by until then is my Author Rank, which “is based on the sales of all your books on and is updated hourly.” It’s fun to look at 100 times a day but doesn’t provide concrete information. Amazon lists 16 separate author rankings/categories (at least in my case). A ranking drills down in categories . . . so your rank compares you to, say, all books in Amazon and from those, all books classified as literature and fiction, and from those all books listed as action and adventure, etc. The more categories, the better your sales look (but it’s an illusion — lights and mirrors!).

The following is from my “Author Central” page for TRANSMUTED, as of the hour I wrote this. (I don’t understand the difference between “All Books” and “Books” either.):

All Books #9,722 > Books #9,708 > Literature & Fiction #3,443 > Action/Adventure #532
All Books #9,722 > Books #9,708 >  Sci-Fi & Fantasy #1,127 > Science Fiction #569
Kindle eBooks #5,295 > Literature & Fiction #2,608 > Action & Adventure #402
Kindle eBooks #5,295 > Sci-Fi & Fantasy #805 > Science Fiction #434

These are from my TRANSMUTED Sales Page. (Customers may see these as well.):

Paid in Kindle Store > #5,125 (I think this does not include free downloads, but I’m not sure.)
#79 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Sci-Fi & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Colonization
#87 in Books > Sci-Fi & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Colonization
#112 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Sci-Fi & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Space Opera

I have no idea what it all means and, for once, the forums don’t really help. All I know for sure is if there was one further category called “Featuring a Pigeon,” TRANSMUTED would be a #1 best seller!

BREAKING NEWS: In about three days TRANSMUTED will be available in paperback as well as ebook. You heard it here first.

ALSO: 50+% done on the second book in the series (hard to stay focused when I’m watching my author ranking all day).

Later, guys.

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