Post 5: Tracking Kindle Press Publishing Process



  • Advance Status: I am not only a published author, I’m a professional author, having received my royalty advance. Woot! Woot! (You’ll never hear the end of this–they paid real money for my writing.)
  • Sales Rank: This represents free downloads as TRANSMUTED won’t be for sale until 1/31. On 1/20 my sales rank was #49,810. Today, as of an hour ago, it dropped to #80,795. Makes sense because anyone who earned a free copy has downloaded it by now if they’re going to.
  • Author Rank: At this date/time, also based on free downloads, it’s #76,419, up from #108,855 on 1/20 (calculated hourly). Author rank is a comparison of sales by all authors in a specific genre/category. This is where some authors benefit by placing their book in a weird category with a low number of publications: Lower number of competitors = higher rank. Doesn’t work for sci-fi fiction where all categories are well-populated. Will have to research the ballpark total authors in my genre–though the number changes hourly, it would still be interesting. I figure I’m close to the bottom at this point. But watch me soar! (she says hopefully).
  • Trade Paperback: My uploaded interior/cover was reviewed and accepted by CreateSpace and I’ve ordered a proof copy. Delivery date is 1/30. Should be available for sale within a week after the ebook release. Interestingly enough, at $14.95 (my estimated retail price), I won’t be making much (read any) money. I view this as a promotional item for book fairs, personal appearances (hey, one can dream), etc. Typing this reminds me I still have to order business cards and flyers. (If you’re in the Phoenix Metro area, check out Arizona Business Forms for your printing needs. Great prices! Amazing quality! Nice people!)
  • Reviews=2 (1/5★ and 1/4★): This surprised me because I didn’t think reviews could be posted during the pre-order period.

From this point, I’ll be tracking sales progress/statistics, marketing results, etc. Thanks for your feedback (although not here for some odd reason–oh well, you found me and that’s what counts). Bye for now.

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