Post 4: Tracking Kindle Press Publishing Process

small3d-book-transmutateWhoa! All of a sudden it’s happening. S-c-a-r-y . . . 

I received an email late yesterday advising that TRANSMUTED was posted on Amazon for pre-order. As far as I can tell, everyone who nominated the book on KindleScout also received an email and download code for their free copy. The theory is, those that receive a free copy will download, read, and leave their review when the book is available for purchase. Anyone reading this who received a free e-copy from Kindle Press, please, please, p-l-e-a-s-e, write a review.

TRANSMUTED on Amazon is available for pre-order now, and for purchase on 1/31/2017. KP set the initial purchase price at $3.49 (free for KindleUnlimited customers). As part of Amazon’s marketing campaign, they may offer the ebook periodically at a reduced price (or free) to build readership. They should let me know when they run a special promotion so I can push it on my social media accounts as well.

BTW my paranoia email to KP which I mentioned in Post 3 received a response from them within 48 hours–basically advising me to CHILL . . . but in a polite way. Also no advance yet, but they promise it will be there within 30 days of the date they received my financial documentation, which was 12/20. That gives them five days from today, except there’s been three holidays since 12/20 . . .  so I’m guessing sometime soon. Not that I’m anxious, just OMG: Show me the money! I can’t legitimately call myself a professional writer until I’m paid.

I set up the trade paperback version on Amazon CreateSpace (CS) last week, and sent  the specifications and back cover copy to THE COVER COLLECTION this morning. I should receive my finished print cover sometime this week. Assuming there’s no issues, once I upload that to CS I will order a proof (ARC: advance reader copy). Assuming there’s no issues with that ( or I’ll have to repeat the process) I’ll publish the print version to Amazon, and request to KP to link it to the ebook version.

I’m excited and scared. Don’t know how to feel about strangers (or worse, people I know) reading my book. And if I get a bad review, which is probably inevitable, I may have a serious breakdown.

TMI? Hope not–thanks for listening.



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