Post 3: Tracking Kindle Press Publishing Process

waitingJust a quick post to say nothing’s happened. I submitted the final-final manuscript on January 2 (wherein I accepted Kindle Press’ edits), and am floating in limbo land. I haven’t a remote idea how long the “production” process takes. It’s only been six business days since I submitted the final version . . . though it seems like months ago to this paranoid author. I keep reminding myself their offices were closed for ten days over the holidays and they probably have a bit of catching up to do. Shot Kindle Press a short inquiry today just to be reassured that they aren’t waiting for something more from me. So . . . okay, then . . . I’ll let you know when I know. Oh . . . also no advance deposited yet. But it makes sense they don’t pay you until the book is posted for pre-orders. Unlikely, but what if an author never responded to their inquiries after being selected for publication? As everyone always says about absolutely everything ever . . . it’s the waiting that kills you!

One thing I’m antsy about is the print version. Did I mention Kindle Press only purchased the ebook and audio rights–I retain the right to the print version. I’ve formatted that for upload and am in the process of ordering the appropriate cover since I now have book dimensions, the number of pages, book back info, etc. I want to publish the print version to coincide as closely as possible with the ebook. I’m using the Amazon Createspace tool, and the click-through steps are a little scary. I posted a short story to one of Amazon’s sites a while back, and as I recall, the last button said something like “Next” instead of “If you click here your story will be published whether you’re ready or not”–which would have been more helpful.

I’ll keep you posted as things progress. Thanks for following.

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