Post 2: Tracking Kindle Press Publishing Process

My last post was on 12/19. I told you I’d sent my final manuscript to KP on 12/16. Well, the very next day (Saturday!), I received an email from KP’s “Business Analyst” with instructions to start the “Amazon Publishing Payment Setup” on “Payee Central.” I replied to that email advising I had an LLC (limited liability company) and got a same-day response accepting the change. The whole process–filling out forms, emails back and forth, document exchanges, etc.–took three days. So far so good. (BTW, I had to complete forms to receive royalties from the US, UK, and Germany–thought that was interesting.)

Since the business department had informed me their offices would be closed for the holidays, 12/23 through 1/3, I didn’t expect to hear any further until the New Year, but on 12/30, I received KP’s edits to my manuscript:

  • Corrections to three typos
  • Changing straight quotes to smart quotes per the Kindle Press style guide
  • Changing the tight ellipses to wide ellipses per the Kindle Press style guide
  • Changing the apostrophes for possessive proper nouns ending in S and Z per CMoS 16, sections 7.15 and 7.16.

You be right–that’s it–three typos and some formatting changes. Plus I received kudos: The world-building is excellent, and all the various alien races, cultures, governments, and setting details are thoroughly developed and accessible. And they had kind words for my personal editor, Darren Todd, which he obviously deserves, and with whom I’d been working for several months prior to submitting the manuscript for consideration.

I’ve completed their edits, reread the manuscript for the (I’m sure) 100th time, and made a few minor changes of my own.  Will submit the final-final version first thing tomorrow.  I think once they receive it, and if everything is in order, they will release my advance. (But it probably won’t happen until after 1/3 earliest.)

The edit email never mentioned my book cover or the fact I had included the first chapter of book two in the series (their editing markups extended through that add-on), so I’m guessing that means KP doesn’t have problems with either.

Next time I post on this subject, I should be a professional, soon-to-be-published author. Ho-ly mo-ly! (What does that mean . . .”moly”? Gotta Google that. Also, note the “expanded” ellipsis, per KP Style Guide.)


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