Post 1: Tracking Kindle Press Publishing Process

TRANSMUTED, book one of the Dark Landing series, was selected for publication by Kindle Press (KP) on December 1, 2016. The first three chapters of the manuscript appeared on the KindleScout (KS)  site for 30 days, during which “Scouters” could nominate the book for publication. Some believe being published by KP means you won a popularity contest because you have more friends, family, and followers, and thus more nominations than the other authors. That wasn’t the case for me. At the end of my campaign, I received only 445 page views (KS does not tell you the number of resulting nominations) and achieved “hot and trending” for only 42 hours during the entire 30-day period. Below is the final chart view from my stats page on KS.


I can’t say for certain, but it appears you need at minimum 60 views a day to be “hot,” which would equal upwards of 1,800 views for the month. The top line of the chart represents the 60 views mark. The most I received in one day was 77, and I had 20 days with 10 or fewer views. There were submissions that remained hot throughout their campaign but were not selected for publication. I fell short of that by a ton—pretty pathetic.

My campaign ended 11/21, and I received an email from KP exactly ten days later announcing that TRANSMUTED had been selected for publication. I was excited for about 15 minutes before I realized how much work I had to do yet. They gave me thirty days to submit my final manuscript. I honestly did not expect to be selected, and there was a checklist of things to finish: write the dedication, acknowledgment, author note, final blurb, my bio, and edit the first chapter of book two, plus get a bank account for my Post-To-Print Publishers, LLC—through which I had planned to self-publish, and which I’m using for all book-related income/expenses (and hopefully, publishing projects with other authors). Worse, I still had changes coming from my editor, who was still working on the final read-through. Thankfully, he submitted his notes on 12/15, and I submitted the completed manuscript the next day. The day after that, I received an email with instructions for setting up my KP payee account to receive my advance ($1500) and any future royalties—more about that in the next post.

Status at 12/19: 1) Waiting for Kindle Press edits, and whether including the first chapter of the second book is allowed; 2) waiting to find out if my cover is acceptable or if they’re going to create something different; and, 3) couldn’t set up my payee account because I had a question re my LLC, so waiting for their response on that.

Use the comment section if you have questions about the process. I’ll gladly share if I know the answer.

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One Response to Post 1: Tracking Kindle Press Publishing Process

  1. RachelB. says:

    I’m very interested in hearing about your publishing journey. Sounds like a supersonic ride to me! Congratulations on the contract!

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