What I Learned @PhoenixComicon 2016 (or How to Pee Wearing a 20lb Backback and a Superhero Cape)

2016-06-11_9-37-19So, Phoenix Comicon is over for another year–boo! (Yea!–Fan Fest coming up.) This year’s event was packed with so many author/publisher panels and Writing Workshops that my ConQuest schedule runnethed over. As usual, I learned a lot more than writing and publishing tips, such as …

  1. Eighty thousand people cannot all have lunch at noon at the Hyatt Regency Networks Bar and Grill and make it back for the 1:30 panel. But damn those burgers are good!
  2. You can’t judge a biker chick by her cover. Dharma Kelleher’s debut novel, Iron Goddess, drops June 28th (published by Loveswept, a Penguin Random House imprint). I met Dharma at (what else?) an authors panel and she was generous enough to give me a code to download her ARC (advanced reader copy). Did it; read it; liked it. The chick can write. “In this gritty, fast-paced debut thriller, an ex-con biker chick turned law-abiding citizen risks everything to save her new life—and confront the demons of her past.”
  3. There is a new theater troop in town–Legible Scrawl–check out their website (but cut them some slack, they’re just setting up their social media and website). They had two panels at the con; both table readings. One was a Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock mash-up (SuperWhoLock), and the second was an original Star Wars episode. Both were AMAZING! These guys rock. Can’t wait until they find their legs. Hope to see them at Fan Fest. Eminently worth the follow.
  4. I give up! No matter how much research I do or how many people I ask, I will never understand furries. Too bad; so sad.
  5. So, how does one pee wearing a 20lb backpack and a superhero’s cape? Trust me–it cannot be done.

Of course, I could be wrong …

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