Physicists are Friendly

Who knew?

So, my book has wormholes (I hear you laugh–you know what I mean!). Anyway, I did some research; but, it’s pretty hefty stuff and I’m not a sciencey type. I gave it my best to create fictional wormholes that could be opened (w-i-d-e) and stabilized and through which all my characters can travel. Thus, avoiding the faster than the speed of light problem one runs into when flitting about the universe as one does. It read okay to me, but geeky, nerdy readers are picky, picky, picky. I didn’t feel comfortable publishing as is without someone more qualified taking a look. Other than Sheldon Cooper (who’s a real dick when being imposed upon), I don’t know any physicists or where they hang out in their off-time.

I went back to my research notes and got some names–one of whom is a Russian physicist, so the NSA is probably tapping my phone now. I emailed several and asked politely for their feedback. It took a while, BUT THEY RESPONDED! All of them … each with several paragraphs of notes and suggestions. And two actually commented on how much they liked the excerpts I’d sent and asked me to tell them when the book is published. So, there you go … what a great, friendly, supportive group physicists are.

Of course, no two agreed upon anything, so I’m right back where I started.

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