Manuscript First & Last Words: Dark Landing – The End

You heard me … I finished it!  Now, I just have to do a line-by-line edit (86,000 words), a character/plot development and consistency edit and rewrite as necessary, a chapter-by-chapter synopsis, a query and cover letter, a blurb … (Holy, crap! I’ll never finish this mother.)

I do have a first draft of my blurb. Please let me know what you think. Does it make you want to run right out and buy a copy or hide from me for the rest of your life?

Dark Landing:

Dark Landing hums; a cocoon of harmony in the cold vacuum of space. The only excitement occurs at the Saturday night poker games, and that’s the way Drew Cutter likes it. Chief of Security in charge of the farthest trading point from any planet in the Known Universe, he’s fulfilling his dream. When Letty Taleen arrives on the station, Drew thinks he’s met the consummate bluffer.

Head of the largest conglomerate in the Known Universe, Letty is ordered to travel to Dark Landing by her adoptive father for reasons known only to him. Within three days of her arrival the station sustains an airlock explosion, a grisly murder, and a security breach that threatens everything she loves. Now the usually self-reliant Letty finds herself dependent upon a clueless Chief of Security.

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