I’m back after a looong absence …

[07-19-15: Well, obviously, the hereinafter mentioned goal-setting attempt was complete ca-ca.]

I just realized the last time I posted to this blog was in December, 2013–unbelievable! Almost 18 months ago. Those close to me know it’s been a tough 18 months that included losing a great job, finding a new job, hating and retiring from that job and, most distressingly, a lengthy illness in my immediate family.

Throughout the missing blog time, I’ve continued to write on the book, although there have been long gaps between words. I’m about 57% through, maybe a little more (the story and my target is around 90,000 to 100,000 words). It hasn’t helped that this is my first book (as it turns out, that’s not entirely true–more on that another time), and it’s been a steep learning curve. I started without an outline (which makes me a “pantser”–get it?) and, although I’ve made several attempts, I’m still writing without one. Which isn’t a total disaster, but I’ve had to backup and rewrite bits and pieces (and, sadly, delete bits and pieces) as I add/change characters and plot twists. I think I would have completed the book by now if I was working from a solid outline. It’s not an organizational problem, it’s a thought process problem that I hope to overcome.

So … I’m back and I’ve unlocked access. I’ve decided not to worry about copyright issues for the short stories I’ve already written and posted because, without rewrites, they’re not and may never be publishing-worthy. Don’t cry for me Argentina, it only means that I’ve learned a lot since I started this site. And one of the things I’ve learned is that I need to focus on one or two projects at a time because I’m not good at juggling more than that … yet.

I’m setting new, more realistic goals: 2,000 to 5,000 words per week on the book (that’s pretty low, but only a starting point and more than I’ve managed so far), and one blog post per week. I should be able to accomplish both in scraps of time either at home on my PC or on my tablet wherever I’m at with a few minutes to spare.

I’ll keep you posted. (Get it?: “I’ll keep you posted”–never mind, it needs work.)

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