New Blog Name

Okay…I have found my blog name. “Robin Praytor’s Blog,” as appropriate and unique as it is, does not meet the Internet standards for a blog name. The name must speak to and of the blogger. It must reflect the blog’s content. That it be clever and unique is important, but its uniqueness does not mean it can’t be reminiscent of another person, place, or geek thing. (Think of Seven of Nine aging gracefully. There is absolutely no correlation, but that’s what I want you to think of.)

I believe I have the above criteria covered since this is my blog. This blog is all about me. This blog is all about my writing. This blog represents another form of my writing. I started it primarily so that I could record my progress as I write and self-publish my book. (I know what you’re thinking. Get over yourselves; I’ll get around to it when I feel like it–remember: my blog, my agenda, my timeline–me, me, me.)

I never expected anyone to actually visit or read my blog until after my book was published and I had my own author’s booth at comicon. I mean, I knew a few family members and friends would drop by, at least at first. But, over the long haul I’m pretty sure it’s just going to be me, myself, and my blog. And that’s okay because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, I like me.

So, here you have it–my new blog name. Oh, BTW, Dark Landing is the name of the book.

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