My Short Story

So, one morning I was working on the book (which I haven’t talked about yet, but I will someday), and I thought I heard someone in the backyard. That single thought was the basis for this story. I had written myself into a dead end on the book, and didn’t quite know how to get out of it. I decided to procrastinate and write something totally different.

Six hours later I had written my first short story. If you read it, you’ll wonder why it took me all of six hours–plus another two weeks of re-writing and polishing (not full-time of course, that would be ridiculous). It seems to be the way this works for me. I’m a very slow writer. Still, compared to the book, it was an amazingly quick process. And, it was fun, not painful.

I hope you like my story, but if you don’t…that’s okay.

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3 Responses to My Short Story

  1. Tashie Ness says:

    I read it! AND I liked it! It kept me captivated and it was a quick read! This is such a great first short story Robin. I’ve been working on mine for months and constantly rewrite. Im so proud you!

  2. Vivian says:

    I’m so curious about the book now. Guess I have to continue stalking you.

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